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Unidad 24, Lote 8, Parque Logístico APQ SMZA 301, 77569 Cancún, Q.R.

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+1 (305) 529 3997

Office hours 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM MON-SAT


Our clients reviews

Our car rental customer in Cancun Bryan H.

Bryan H.

Rating stars

My girlfriend and I went to celebrate our anniversary, so we planned a route of places to visit in Cancun. Renting a car with Car Rental Cancun was the best choice. We got the car we needed, and the price was perfect, including taxes and full coverage insurance.

13 Jul 2024 | 456 ReviewsGoogle
Our Cancun Car Rental Customer Michael R

Michael R.

Rating stars

My wife and I enjoyed renting a car in Cancun with this agency. Very reliable, the service was ideal from start to finish. They were attentive to our needs at all times.

13 Jul 2024 | 456 ReviewsGoogle